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Be a Good Ambassador for Our Hobby

Posted by [email protected] on August 20, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Be a Good Ambassador for Our Hobby!

Today has been an interesting day to be involved in metal detecting. I wore one of my Central Texas Treasure Club t-shirts today. About an hour before sundown, I decided to go detecting for a little while because I didn't go any last week because of the dry and hard ground and the excessive heat but I can only stay cooped in for so long. I took my Ace 250 to a sandy area of a public park and started detecting when a young man, who will be starting college next week, struck up a conversation with me about metal detecting and about what I've found over the years. He said he's always been interested in detecting and in history so we talked awhile, I recommended a detector that he might be interested in, and I gave him one of our club cards and invited him to a meeting.

I notice that many people in this hobby use numerous excuses to try to avoid being "distracted" by curious onlookers. I'm just the opposite as I welcome the chance to teach people about detecting and treasure hunting, especially young people, because I know how much I've benefited from it over the past 50 years. I've said many times that the best treasure I've found in those years have been the long-lasting friendships I've made with other treasure hunters. I believe that we have an obligation to share this fun and educational pastime with others. Not only may it add some joy to their lives but it enhances the view the public has toward metal detecting and treasure hunting. Another benefit is that you never know when the person you're talking to is going to either give you a good treasure hunting lead or permission to hunt on their property.

After detecting, I came home and decided to go to Whataburger for dinner. I was placing my order at the register when I heard an older man, behind me, say "I noticed your shirt and you're the man I want to talk to." He said he'd like to ask me some questions about detecting because he's always wanted to get a metal detector but never has. I pointed to a booth where I'd be sitting after I finished placing my order and getting my drink and invited him to come over and discuss it. When I got seated, he came over and I recommended an "affordable" detector to him and we started talking until my food arrived. I gave him a club card and invited him to our next meeting also. He wrote my name and time and location of our meetings on the back of the card along with the kind of detector I recommended. He said he has a place on the Shenandoah River, where there was a lot of fighting and military activity during the Civil War, and that he always wondered what interesting things he could find there with a metal detector. We had a very nice chat and he introduced me to one of his dinner companions who was also a member of the same Ham Radio Club of Brownwood. He told his friend "See, this is why I'm always telling members to "wear their colors". He pointed to his own club shirt that he was wearing. He told him that if I hadn't been wearing my club shirt, he never would have met me and wouldn't have learned how to get started in this hobby.

So it's important to keep this in mind as you enjoy your treasure hunting. Don't try to ignore curious onlookers because you may be their only chance to be introduced to a lifetime of enjoyment in metal detecting and you will make many good friends in the process of being a treasure hunting ambassador.

Don't forget our CTTC Open Competition Hunt coming up on October 12th! Get your Early Bird Entry in the mail today. Printable Hunt flyers/registration forms are available on our Facebook page or by emailing us and requesting a copy.

Jay Longley, President, Central Texas Treasure Club

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