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Every person who stays throughout the Introduction to Metal Detecting workshop this Thursday, June 27th, will receive a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a beautiful uncirculated 90% silver 1964 Kennedy half dollar at the conclusion of the program. The workshop will be held at the Carnegie Room of the Brownwood Public Library from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Club members and non-members will be eligible to win! Be there! The Public is invited to attend!

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CTTC New Member Recruitment Contest - from May 7th meeting until the middle of our August 6th club meeting! Our Central Texas Treasure Club will award this nice 1889-D Morgan Silver Dollar to the member who has signed up the most new memberships during that time period. New members can join at our meetings or mail their membership applications to me but they MUST have your name written on them as the referring member so make sure that they do that or you will not receive credit.
- Please remember to bring all of your Gold Coin Raffle ticket stubs, unsold tickets, and money to our meeting Tuesday, June 4th as the drawing will be held during the middle of this meeting. Get out there and sell those tickets!

Our club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Early Chamber of Commerce Bldg. at 104 E. Industrial Blvd. in Early, Texas.  Next regular monthly meeting will be Tuesday, June 4th.

                                           PUBLIC INVITED TO ATTEND - FREE!

I've reserved the Carnegie Room of Brownwood Public Library for our club's Introduction to Metal Detecting workshop. Thursday, June 27th, from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Instruction and valuable metal detecting tips will be given at this workshop that will benefit beginners and longtime treasure hunters alike. We will also have a Question & Answer session. This workshop is FREE and OPEN to the public! If you or someone you know has a detector that they need help learning how to use, invite them to this event. CTTC Membership applications will also be available if you have prospective new members you want to invite and you want to get credit for referring them for your chance to win the 1889-D Morgan silver dollar prize which will be given to the member with the most new member referrals during our August 6th meeting. I will be presenting the program but I need some other experienced members to assist me so if you want to help, please let me know.


Our "Introduction to Metal Detecting" program for the Boy Scouts Troop 14, this afternoon Saturday May 4th, was a huge success! The Scouts, parents, and CTTC members all had a great time. The Richardsons donated a new Garrett Ace 250 metal detector to Troop 14 so all the boys will have a chance to have fun with it on their camp-outs and other activities. Mr. and Mrs. James Lemond also donated a Harbor Freight 9-function metal detector which was given to the lucky winner of a free raffle for the boys and other nice prizes were donated by our individual members for the raffle too. In addition, each Scout took home 2 silver dimes plus all the coins they found during the field demonstration. A great and memorable time was had by everyone in attendance and each of the Scouts went home with a fascination with this amazing hobby, a CTTC membership application, and a copy of the Metal Detecting Code of Ethics.
Our re-order of our standard Central Texas Treasure Club t-shirts and our order for the NEW "Can I Metal Detect Your Yard" t-shirts with our large club logo on the back have arrived (photo of front is on this homepage).  Price per shirt is $15 for dues-paid members and I'll have them available at our July 2nd meeting or if you can't wait, contact me (Jay Longley) and we'll find a time when you can pick yours up at my home in Brownwood.  (325)646-1000.

                                ATTENTION: METAL DETECTOR DEALERS!
                                              Become a CTTC Sponsor !

Our club is seeking two Prize Sponsors who will fund our monthly Door Prize Drawing and Special Event prizes. Some benefits of becoming a CTTC Sponsor is that you can place one ad for your business on our club's Facebook page, we'll include one ad in every monthly newsletter and we'll include a photo ad of your business on our club's official website for the duration of your sponsorship.
This is an especially good opportunity if you own a metal detector dealership because I have several people each month ask me who they can buy a detector from. Currently, since we have no detector dealers as sponsors, I have no one to refer them to.
The cost of becoming a Sponsor is $120 per year. One sponsorship fee will be used to fund our Top Door Prizes every month and the second sponsorship fee will be used to purchase Special Event prizes.
For more information, contact me at:
[email protected]


                                   2018 CTTC Treasure Hunter of the Year Winners!
Our Treasure Hunter of the Year and the Runners-Up were announced at our club's Christmas Party. They are as follows:

- Treasure Hunter of the Year: Jay Longley (72 points) - $50 prize
- 1st Runner-Up: John Meeks (67 points) - $25 prize
- 2nd Runner-Up: Ralph Urteaga (31 points) - $20 prize
- 3rd Runner-Up: John Flemming (18 points) - $10 prize

The race for 2019 Treasure Hunter of the Year is currently underway and will continue through the Finds of the Month vote at our December 2019 meeting so get those detectors out and get in the race!  Get your detectors out and start making some great finds to enter in our monthly Finds of the Month contest to compete for 2019 Treasure Hunter of the Year!

The Central Texas Treasure Club was founded in August, 1981 in Brownwood in central Texas by Friou Allen and Jay Longley.
Visitors are always welcome and invited to attend our monthly meetings and programs!
Central Texas Treasure Club will meet at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Early Chamber of Commerce meeting room at 104 E. Industrial Blvd, in Early.  Activities include demonstrations for using a metal detector, prospecting, gemology, Indian artifacts, and learning and preserving history.  Members share recent finds, discuss collecting found artifacts such as coins and other historical relics, teach new members how to use a metal detector, find lost rings and jewelry for area citizens for no charge, and join in group hunts and other club outings and activities.  For information, call our club's President Jay Longley at (325)646-1000 or send email to: [email protected]
Annual membership dues are $20 for individuals and $25 for families and can be paid at our regular monthly meetings or by mail to the address below.

Central Texas Treasure Club
c/o Jay Longley
2207 Ave. B
Brownwood, Texas 76801

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Club Officers for 2018
President - Jay Longley : [email protected]
Vice President - Travis Wynn : [email protected]
Secretary - Max Richardson : [email protected]
Treasurer - Amanda Bramblett
Hunt Master - Mike Alldredge : [email protected]